We are all dying, every second a piece of our lives is gone.  We take no notice to it, and go on with our day.  Worrying about an average job we don’t care about, trying to be someone who we are not, but we give no thought that this life can end in less than a second. People are terrified to take chance on a new adventure in life, but they are okay taking shit from a boss who they hate, how does this make sense?  As far as I know we get one shot at this life, so why not make the most out of it?  Getting worked up about an email, or a bad phone call does not matter in the long run.  There are people who are little ants in this world doing what they are told to do.  They fall in line, and then complain that life is not fair and blame everyone else except the person in the mirror.  Stop.  We all have choices and if there is something that needs to change then do it, but do not complain everyday how you hate your job then do nothing about it.  Take a chance on that one thing that will make your happy and do it, if you fail, so what because in the grand scheme of things it does not matter.  Seek death, seek the unknown, put the compass away and go down the road that scares the hell out of you because the next eye blink could be the last.

Author: JoeKing

Limits are meant to be pushed, challenge yourself, learn from each experience.

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