Your Own Path

Throughout life people will always tell you what to do.  I think they want what is best for you, but they also want to show how smart they are because everyone loves to give their opinion.  With so much information out in the world in the form of podcasts, books, and the internet blogs it can become overwhelming at times for people.  For me, I am an information junkie.  I love reading about the latest and greatest things that are going on in the world of tech, business, and health.  However, there comes a time when there is too much information. About six months ago, I was reading tons of sales books to get better at what I do because I felt there was some sort of “secret” I did not know about in sales.  I was reading so much that I was getting paralyzed by all the information.  I was not being as productive as I should have been because I was focused what techniques I should be using from what I read in the books.  Finally, I took a step back to see why I was not where I wanted to be, because I had all this “knowledge” but I was still floundering.  When I took a step back I saw what works for one person does not necessarily mean that it will work for me.  I know what is going produce results, but trying to use all the techniques I read about was recipe for failure.


Now, I am not saying reading and consuming information is bad, but you have to pick out the gems of information that is in the material.  There comes a time when you know what is best for you, and you need to trust yourself.  I think too many people are insecure with themselves that they look to others to navigate what is right or wrong.  The notion of failure terrifies people so they pass up learning opportunities for someone else to tell them what to do.  Embrace your inner compass and do what you think is right at the time.  Yes, there will be times when you fall on your face, but learn from those experiences.  The greatest advice I ever received was, “fail early, and fail often”  Go out and test your theories and become the author of your own book because if you use someone else’s map you will take their journey and not your own.

Food is Happiness

Food, something everyone loves.  People have their favorites whether it is desserts, steaks, or even salads the spectrum is endless.  The joy someone has when they take that first bite of food is priceless.  The expression of calm hesitation, the crooked smile, and then the pure joy of biting into the first fork or spoon of the meal is pure joy.  Where else do humans get this type of satisfaction? Sex, drugs, music?  Yes, but food is on an entirely different level because of the art and care that goes into a good meal.  Everyone has a different opinion on what a good constitutes, and that is what makes food such a unique experience in this world.  The joy I get from food is process of making the meal.  Going to the store searching for the ingredients, smelling the herbs, touching the produce, and finding the right cut of meat is an adventure.  Getting back to my kitchen and laying everything out in the order that it has to be added, turning on some great tunes, and pouring myself a drink it is a Zen like state.  None of this has to be complicated either, and in my opinion the simpler the better the meal will be for you.  One of the best memories I have is making burgers from scratch for my dad.  I got the perfect cut of meat, ground it up, seasoned it perfect, and threw it on the grill.  Watching the expression on his face was priceless, and it felt good being able to bring happiness to someone through something so simple.  Some of the best times and memorable have been shared over a meal.  Every time I see my friend Mike it is at meal.  My favorite conversations have been over a meal with him, and those are the times I will never forget because the experience is tattooed on my mind.  Food is not just something to fill your stomach for a short period of time, it is an experience that can change the mood of someone, it is life that gives us life.  Embrace your next meal and see what you can come up with, and I guarantee you will come back with a new appreciation for it.