I am running out of time.  I should have realized this long ago, but it somehow drifted out of my mind.  I started doing things I did not care about, I started to put things off thinking tomorrow will come, I started to compromise my views to give people more of my time.  I was taking time for granted because I assumed that I would always have as much of it as I wanted in life.  However, after thinking about this more, I see that I have very little time left on this earth.  I can literally die today, and the world would not stop, the end of me is not the end of everyone on this earth.  Letting myself be arrogant about having infinite amount of time let me invite fear into my life.  It let me fear all the little things, it let me find easy cop outs about why not to do the hard things in life.  Fear made me weak in my mind, body, and spirit.  I was concerned about what others thought about me, I was scared of the unknown, and I felt I needed to take the safe route.  My time is coming to an end, and I do not know when, and that does scare me because I have not done everything I wanted in my life due to fear.  I know it all starts with me, and I am done being scared of the unknown.  I am welcoming it into my life because I know if I don’t then I will be leading an unfilled life.  I do not care if people see this as reckless, or want to be negative towards me about it because in the end it really does not matter.  Putting this public is the first step of getting over my fear, and it is a fresh start for me.  As Marcus Aurelius said, “You could leave this life right now.  Let that determine what you do and say and think.”

Author: JoeKing

Limits are meant to be pushed, challenge yourself, learn from each experience.

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