The winters here are grey, and cold.  I look out the window to see everything is dead, I try to get up,but feel paralyzed.  My desire to move is vanquished, my comfort level is high.  I am either all in, or I am out.  I can not find that fire I once had to destroy everything in my path.  Goals I had, I have reached, everything I need, I have right now.  I am striving to find what will light a fire inside of me because I am going through the motions of life.  People ask me, “what’s new, Joe?”  I hesitate to say anything because nothing is new, or exciting in my life. I am doing the same routine everyday.  Wake, train, eat, work, relax.  Every. Single. Day. Am I looking for adventure?  I do not know.  I feel lost at times of what I want to do next.  I am trying to seek out a passion, something that moves the needle, but I hesitate to trying something new.  It is part fear, and part laziness.  When you get comfortable with life that is when you start to die.  That is what I have always believed, and that is why I try to get uncomfortable, but right now I am loving how life is comfortable for me.  I should cherish these moments right now instead of being critical of them because soon life will bring sadness to me, and I will have that uncomfortable feeling in my life.  A risk must be taken, a challenge must be made, I must become more than what I am because I am more than this, I have more ability that I am leaving in the shadows.  I am in the light, I must tip toe in the darkness to see how it feels, to make me appreciate what I have.  Why haven’t I?  Fear of failure, fear of criticism, fear of truth, fear of fear, fear of not knowing how to start.