The Quit

I want to quit, I want to stop, I can not do this, what are you doing!?  This is what my body is telling me the first 10 minutes of my run.  This happens every single time I go for my run.  My mind toys with the idea of stopping.  It gives me the image of relaxing on the coach, having a gallon of ice cream, and watching reruns of Seinfeld, basically heaven for me.   I have never been a fan of running long distance, but the past couple of years I have started to take on the challenge.  The first couple of weeks were terrible.  I would get a half mile in and walk because I was listening to the awful voice of, “take it easy” I knew I would continue to suck on these runs if I kept being a weak minded dick about it.  One day, I went out and blocked out that voice and got through the hardest part of my run, and when it was over; I felt energized.  The next day  I did the same thing, I fought through the difficult part, and came back feeling awesome.  This was a snowball effect that had me to the point at any time during my run where it became difficult I pushed  through because I knew I could do it.


I look around when I am public and it scares the hell out of me.  I see people, and I know they have given up, they listened to the little devil voice to take the easy way out.  They gave up on the hard project at work, they gave up standing up for themselves, they quit in the middle of a task.  The easy way out feels good, but it only feels good for 5 minutes then that feeling is forgotten.  However, the feeling of conquering a difficult task, that is the stuff that sticks with a person for the long haul.  The mind now knows that it can get through a hard task, it becomes engrained in your mind.   This can be applied for anything in life.  The quit is dangerous if you give in to it, but if you stiff arm it and keep going you build that muscle to overcome adversity.  WE can conquer the quit and not be like everyone who has given in to it, or we can give in to be mediocre lemmings.  The choice is ours, and we all know what has to be done.